The Istituto Italiano adopts special teaching methods that place students within an all-Italian context, with the support of teachers and special study materials. This allows students to rapidly learn and gain comprehensive knowledge of the Italian language, from grammar structures to vocabulary, syntax, and conversation. Particular emphasis is placed on pronunciation, expression, as well as learning and using phrases.

Classes take place from Monday to Friday. Lessons start at 9:10 in the morning and there is a 20-minutes mid-morning break. Our structure, which is unique in Florence, works together with Italian schools as part of the Italian State Diploma. The scheduled presence of Italian students in the classes allows our students to experience the best linguistic exchange and advance their education thanks to their interactions together.

This didactic approach helps students to gain a better understanding of the Italian life and habits.

Education: "excellence in teaching" techniques and methods

Teachers who employ good didactic methods allow students to learn excellent and effective study methods. Our experienced teachers have always combined the ancient philosophy of the art of teaching with the school of life.

Our teachers

The Istituto Italiano teachers are all highly experienced university graduates. Many of our teachers also work within the Italian State School system, guaranteeing the highest standards and professional skills. Our teachers serve the needs of the students, creating stimuli, interest and the right group dynamics so that each individual student can calmly achieve their goals. Quality teaching is our mission.

Teaching method

Upon arrival at the Institute, students undertake an evaluation test in order to correctly place them – in compliance with the CEFR – in a class with the same level of Italian language knowledge. From that moment, students commence their didactic pathway which, assisted by the right tools, will lead students through the subsequent stages of learning Italian grammar and syntax.

Students who combine Italian language courses with additional or in-depth courses (combined courses) have the opportunity to experience a true full immersion into Italian life and culture.