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Istituto Italiano is the ideal point of reference for anyone wanting to start or continue their studies of the Italian language and culture, in the wonderful city of Florence. The Institute, open all year, is renowned for the professionalism, enthusiasm and quality of its teachers, for its cutting edge teaching material, its wide range of courses offered, its efficient organisation, its pleasant, friendly atmosphere and for the wide range of daily extra-curricular activities (included in the price of the course).

Precisely these cultural, social and recreational activities, put our students directly in touch with everyday Italian life. Because learning a language is not only conveyed by books, but also by daily experiences and by cultural "challenge" that our students have to face up to.


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The diffusion of the Italian Language and Culture in the world is a goal we set ourselves to achieve every day, through perseverance and coherence: builders and pioneers of the new generations' languages and way of life. Our task and our work is "doing". Doing a lot, to "give" a lot, with the ambition of looking to the distant future and being "useful" to young people, who will scan the rhythms and knowledge in the society to come, with constant commitment. The reality of education, the school, belongs to us and, for a long time now, we have been walking every day alongside students, wisely aware of the fortune we have in being actors and leading role-players of one part of the great life process that is changing and evolving....


Russi dott. Michele

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Marco Polo - Turandot


Facilitate the enrollment of Chinese students in Italian universities, conservators and academies.


CELI Certification

Istituto Italiano and Università per Stranieri di Perugia

CELI is the Certificate of Knowledge of the Italian Language, acknowledged all over the world attesting the knowledge of the Italian language, of a non-native speaker.


Certification CERT.IT

Istituto Italiano and Università degli Studi Roma Tre is the Certificate of Knowledge of the Italian Language, recognized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, University Education and Research, of a non-native speaker.


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