The Institute

Italian language school

The Istituto Italiano in Florence is a reference point for those wishing to commence or continue to study Italian language and culture.

The Istituto Italiano is renowned for its professionalism and the training of its teachers, for its state-of-the-art teaching materials, and the wide selection of courses offered. The Institute provides efficient organisation, as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere and numerous daily extra-curricular activities which are included in the course price.

The extra-curricular, cultural, social, and recreational activities are not only interesting and engaging, but they also allow students to come into direct contact with everyday life in Italy. Learning the language is integrated through experience and culture.

The Institute is open all year round to adapt to the different needs of our foreign students.

A word from our director

“Our objective is to spread the Italian language and culture throughout the world, implementing this role with constancy and consistency.

Every day, we undertake to understand and interpret the language and customs of the new generations, in order to engage with them “actively” and “effectively”. By transferring our expertise and looking to the future with ambition, we hope to be useful to all those young people who, with earnestness and perseverance, will lead the way in the society of tomorrow.

For us education, training, and schooling have been a daily reality for many years now. We have always walked alongside our students, aware of how lucky we are to participate in one part of the great process of life that changes and evolves.”