Italian language certifications

Italian Language Knowledge Certification: CELI, CILS, CERT.IT

CELI, CILS, CERT.IT are the Certificates of knowledge of the Italian language, recognized throughout the world that certify the knowledge of the Italian language of a non-mother language subject. In particular, these certifications are recognized certifications that certify the degree of linguistic-communicative knowledge and the employment capacity of the Italian Language. For those who want to take these certificates, we suggest to enroll in our combined courses: “A” and “B.” In fact, with these courses you have the opportunity during the post-day classes to test CELI, CILS, CERT exam simulations. ITEM.These certifications adopt the system of the 6 levels of competence, proposed by the CCER – European Common Chart of the Council of Europe.
Certificates can be used in the field of work and study.