Montepulciano will be a visual treat for the travellers. It is known for its striking Renaissance architecture. The architecture is indisputable and you would be amazed to know that no key building projects have happened here since the year 1580.

Visit the Piazza della Signoria and enjoy a glass of wine. The architecture in Montepulciano shall mesmerize you!

The Ancient Tuscan Village

Collodi is another ancient village in Tuscany which is worth visiting. Do you know that it is famous as the birthplace of the much-loved story book character, ‘Pinocchio?’ Yes, he is the same story character, who would lie and his nose would elongate. If the world of storybooks interests you then you must pay a visit to the dedicated park in Collodi.

The Pinocchio Park is filled with mazes, beautiful fountains, and gardens. This village cannot be missed for the world!

The Village of Beautiful Towers

How can we ever miss San Gimignano? It started as an Etruscan village. The medieval walled village has 14 towers which make this a stunning place to visit. If you are going to San Gimingnano, you must visit the galleries and museums in this village. Once you are in San Gimignano, you would be able to go back in time.

San Gimignano

The medieval hamlet

Visiting Certaldo is a must! It is a village which was built between 12th and 15th century. The medieval village is filled with museums and restaurants which serve authentic cuisine.

Visit the village during Mercantia festival! You would be able to witness the famous street arts from around the world. The festival takes place in July.

Visit the Hilltop village

Anghiari is a hilltop medieval village which is protected by the strong thirteenth century walls. The village is 30 kilometres away from Arezzo.

It has a strategic position which played a significant role in the middle ages. When you are walking in the streets of Anghiari, you would be able to inhale the air of the glorious history of the town.
The houses have small doors and windows which have not been repaired. The windows and door may be broken but that is the beauty of Anghiari village.

Anghiari village

Witness the Medieval Military Architecture

Do you wish to witness medieval military architecture in Tuscany? Visit Monteriggioni as you would be able to see an unusual example of military architecture. The village is close to Siena and was built by the Sianese residents in the year 1214.

This was built with a purpose. It was built in the middles ages during the battle against Florence.

Monteriggioni castle city

The Little Jerusalem

Pitigliano is a medieval village which lies on top of the mountain and it looks like a continuation of the peak. The village is known as ‘Little Jerusalem’ because, in the past, the village was occupied by the Jews.

Visit the Synagogue as it has been restored. The tourists can witness the renaissance medieval buildings in Pitigliano. It is a must-visit village in Tuscany!

Which one is YOUR favourite hamlet? If you are visiting Tuscany then you must drive to these little appealing hamlets because they have a history. Visiting the small villages in Tuscany will help you to understand its history and culture. Also, you would be able to eat authentic Italian cuisine!