CERT.IT Certification

Istituto Italiano and Roma Tre Univesity: Cert.it Certification

Cert.it is the Certificate of knowledge of the Italian Language, acknowledged by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, of Education, Universities and Research, of a non-native speaker.

In particular, Cert.it certification is a recognised certification that attests the degree of linguistic-communicative knowledge and the ability to use the Italian Language.

Istituto Italiano, an ancient language school based in Florence known throughout the world, uses the memorandum of understanding with Roma Tre Univestity.

Istituto Italiano is indeed the CELI exam headquarters for city of Florence both for foreign students and for those who already live in Italy and need the certification of the Italian language knowledge for the Integration in Italy.

The Cert.it certifications issued by Istituto Italiano are valid throughout the World.

For anyone who wants to apply for the Cert.it exam, we suggest you to register to our combined courses: “A” and “B”. Indeed, with these courses, during the afternoon classes you have the opportunity to test yourself with exam simulations and tests.

Cert.it certification adopts the system of competence levels, proposed by CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Certificates can be spent on work and study.

At the end of a course of at least 2/4 weeks, the student may, depending on the required level, gain access to written and oral tests for the Cert.it certification achievement: an officially recognised certification attesting the degree of linguistic – communicative competence in Italian.

The exam sessions take place in Florence at our school located in Via Calimala 1, and follow the calendars of the University of Roma.

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Facilitate the enrollment of Chinese students in Italian universities, conservators and academies.


CELI Certification

Istituto Italiano and Università per Stranieri di Perugia

CELI is the Certificate of Knowledge of the Italian Language, acknowledged all over the world attesting the knowledge of the Italian language, of a non-native speaker.


Certification CERT.IT

Istituto Italiano and Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Cert.it is the Certificate of Knowledge of the Italian Language, recognized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, University Education and Research, of a non-native speaker.


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