Visiting the medieval hill town in Tuscany is a must! Make sure you include Siena in your list. The town is famous for its fan-shaped piazza. The piazza is called, ‘Piazza del Campo’. Visit the town during the annual horse race. Palio di Siena is held twice in a year. It happens on August 16th and July 2nd.

Most people visit the town for its authentic Italian cuisine. Do not forget to pair it up with a bottle of fine Tuscan wine!

Now that you are aware of all the beautiful cities in Tuscany region, you would be able to plan your road trip. Hire a car and visit the medieval cities. Make sure you taste the wine and the authentic Italian cuisine.

After all Italy is all about its rich history, authentic food and fine wine. Happy holidaying!

Italian food and wine

Discover the small medieval villages of Tuscany

Are you planning to visit Tuscany? Ah! The beautiful region is known for its scenic beauty, hills, and fine wineries. Tuscany is filled with tranquillity; everything from the landscape to the renaissance architecture is enchanting and engaging.


This trip will be unforgettable for a traveller because Tuscany has some of the most striking medieval villages to visit. If you are unfamiliar of the region, you have landed at the right page because we will help you to build an itinerary.

Discover the small medieval villages of Tuscany through this post. Read on to find out more about the small medieval villages of Tuscany.


The Traditional Walled Town

Cortona is a traditional walled town. Get the most beautiful view of Lake Trasimeno from this town. It is a small village but there are many places to see.

The traveller can visit the Diocesan Museum and witness the famous work of Beato Angelico. Most of the tourists visit Cortona to see the Beato Angelico panel painting. If history and architecture interest you, visit Cortona and make sure you say your prayers at the stunning churches in the village. Do not forget to catch a glass of wine after finishing the tour because the red wine is famous in Cortona village.

Tuscany grape field nature