The love story of Tuscany people and wines is well-known. The Tuscan region is gifted with heavenly vineyards which produce some of the best wines in the world.

Be it the Brunello or the Chianti, wines that you will taste in this part of Italy is unlike anything you have tasted before. The fine aroma and smooth texture of the wine will provide your taste buds with all new sensations. Some of these wines have been manufactured from the ancient times and they still stand atop others as the ambassadors of Tuscan wine to the world.

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Chianti Classico:

Chianti Classico is considered to be one of the precious symbols of Tuscany. Also, you will need to know the fact that it is one of the finest red wines that you can ever expect to have. The origin story of Chianti is similar to that of any famous inventions. After decades of research and trials, the wine finally came to its modern being in the year 1872. Thanks to Baron Bettino Ricasoli for providing Chianti Classico with its modern form.

The wine was originally produced in the vineyards of ‘Chianti’ region; thus the name. And it is generally made from Sangiovese grapes. The thing that people find most exciting about Chianti Classico is its complexity, depth, texture and structure which somehow reflects the particular environment of the region where it is produced.

This wine has a ruby red colour with a tinge of violet; thus it is easily distinguishable from other red wines. The fruity aroma and dry savoury taste of this wine truly make it one of the best wines of Tuscan and the world.



Since the early 60s, Bolgheri has become one of the finest winemaking regions in the Tuscan region. Bolgheri is actually home to the Super Tuscans, the wines that are most sought after in the world. The popularity of Bolgheri wines led to the creation of a new region called Sassicaia which produces one of the best wines in the world.

It is the serene climate of Bolgheri region that enhances the taste of its wines. The making of process aromatic red wines is finished in the French style in large oak barrels. Since French method is used to prepare the Bolgheri wines, so it is always better to taste it after at least a decade of its manufacturing date. The Bolgheri wines are generally prepared from grapes of French origin. Yes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot are used to make this one of the best wines of Tuscan.

Bolgheri wines have a bloody red colour with purple reflections which serenades the eyes of the people across the world. And the exotic taste of the wine will truly mesmerise your mind and body.

Bolgheri Sassicaia


The Brunello wines are often considered as the king of red wines. The best thing about the Brunello wines is that it gets better with age if preserved correctly. Brunello wines have a persistent fruity aroma but it is highly pleasant and mesmerising.

It was back in the mid 19th century when the Brunello wines rose to prosperity. The wines are aged in wooden barrels which also add up to its flavour. These wines have a sweet exotic taste and maroon red colour which will help you to distinguish it from others.



It is the youngest category of wines in our list since Cortana wines originated in 1999. The vineyards use different varieties of grapes including several French varieties to prepare the wines. The finesse of these wines; its taste and smoothness have made them famous across the globe. With bright purple-red colour and its silky savoury taste, the Cortana wines can easily be distinguished from others and amongst the best wines of Tuscan.

So, why wait any further? Visit the finest vineyards in Tuscany, get the chance to taste the finest wines and make your trip worthwhile with the exotic tastes of these wines. You deserve to taste the best wines of Tuscan!