The region between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna is known as the Way of the Gods. This route was so named because the mountains through which the path passes are named after Gods such as – Mount Venere (Venus), Mount Adonis, Mount Giunone (Juno).
In the olden days, this route connected Bologna- Firenze. The Etruscans used this route for trade purpose and dominated over Padana Plains. This route was also used during the Middle Ages and considered to be  the best path  to cross the Apennines. It used to be a regular, narrow, unpaved path used by travelers.

Today, this is a favourite trail for mountain biking and Apennines trekking, especially during the spring season.
The Way of the Gods has an official App which provides information related to accommodation, GPS tracks, how to plan your trekking and other related details.
These Florence hills are divided into stages – some on foot and some by bike. The organized tours depend on hiker’s skills and the number of days that they want to spend. As the path is not very difficult to navigate, it is ideal for families and adults.
The different stages are mapped as follows.

  • The first stage is from Bologna to Badolo- The stretch starts at Bologna and is 19.3 by trek and 31.7 by mountain bike. The starting point is Piazza Maggiore and passes through the arcade which was built in 1674.
  • The second stage is from Badolo – Madonna dei Fornelli- This stretch is about 27.8 by trek and 24.7 by mountain bike. You will cross Brento and reach  Mount Adone top. In case you are too exhausted to hike up Mount Adone you can  choose another path and reach Monterumici and Monzuno.
  • The third stage is Madonna dei Fornelli – Monte di Fo- This is a 17.5 km stretch by trek and 24.7 by mountain bike. The most interesting thing on this path is you will pass through an ancient Roman Street called “Flaminia Militare” and the 2nd-century Roman furnace, which was used to make quicklime out of limestone.
  • The fourth stage is Monte di Fo – San Piero a Sieve- The stretch is 21.8 by trek and 23.7 by mountain bike. This stretch is best avoided in case of bad weather; there is also a board which cautions both bikers and trekkers. On this path, you will come across Osteria Bruciata place. Legend has it that long ago there was a restaurant there and the manager of the restaurant used to welcome guests, rob them and then cook them!
  • The fifth stage is from San Piero a Sieve – Florence- The length of this trek is 34.5 and 33.9 by mountain bike. You will reach the highest part of the camping and reach Fortezza di San Marino.

Difficulty Level- Though the route does not have any technical difficulty; it does get a little slippery during bad weather. It has a medium difficulty level, and for people who keep themselves physically fit it, a must try.
The entire trek can be completed somewhere between 4-6 days.

Florence trekking is a must do for visitors who enjoy being in the outdoors and enjoy trekking and biking. The best part of the trek is, you get to pass through the ancient paths and enjoy some of the most breathtaking sights.