Italians know how to treat their guests well. So, what is the secret? Well, by serving ranges of exquisite Italian cuisine. From the lip-smacking taste of the nibbles to the unforgettable wines, Italy is a heaven for every food lover.

You might be waiting for a long food trail in Italy. And is there any better place to start your culinary journey than Florence? Perhaps not!

The rich cultural food history of Florence speaks a lot about the variety of delicacies that it offers. You can just find the perfect food companion that will accompany your glass of wine while you are in Florence.
The generous use of all the fresh farm products results in the creation of heavenly dishes.

But are you wondering that which Florentine cuisine you shall not miss on? Then let us have a look at the best foods that one must try in the city of Florence

Bistecca alla Fiorentina:

It would have been unfair to start the list of ‘must try Florentine cuisine’ with something other than the most popular culinary delicacy.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina or the Florentine steak is the perfect pick for every steak lover. It is actually a large t-bone cut steak weighing in between 2-8 pounds that is seasoned well with salt, pepper, lemon juice and a bit of paprika. You surely need someone to share your food with.

In order to preserve the traditional essence, the steak is grilled over chestnuts to add a special smoky flavour to it. Evenly grilled on the outside and juicy pink on the inside, take your Tuscan bread and complete your meal.

Though it can be bought in any restaurant in Florence, never ask the concerned chef to cook it as per your own liking since you will never like to hurt the feelings of Florentines

bistecca fiorentina

Zuppa di Fagioli:

The love of Florentines for beans is eternal and well known to many. So, do not leave the city without having at least one dish made from the famous cannellini beans. And if you are looking for a dish made with beans then we insist you to try Fagioli all’uccelletto.

This Florentine delicacy is a popular side dish in the Tuscan cuisine and it is best served with roasted meat. The preparation is simple since it is basically a stew made with tomatoes, cannellini beans and olive oil. Sage and garlic are used to impart flavour to it.

If you are anywhere close to Florence or Tuscan then without any further delays try this exclusive dish

zuppa di fagioli


The savoury bread from Tuscany that made its way to this era from 12th century, Cucina Povera was invented for a historical reason. Schiacciata means smashed and the bread truly stands by its name. The flavoursome flatbread is prepared with sufficient amount of olive oil, salt and sometimes even herbs. You can find this dish in all the popular food destinations in Tuscan.

And the best part? These fresh breads are often stuffed with cheese and salumi. Sounds yum? You can just have the bread as a mid-day snack or use it to make delicious sandwiches



Though the name means reboiled, we can assure you that you have hardly ever tasted anything as tasty as Ribollita. This Tuscan dish is prepared with tomatoes, kale, carrots, vegetables and stale bread. All the ingredients are stewed together in olive oil which gives it a special flavour.

Even if it is much like soup but the texture is much thicker when compared to a soup. To add some more taste, it is often topped with herbs. It proves to be a winter-favourite dish as almost all the restaurants in Florence includes this tasty delicacy in their menu during the winters



What can be better than an Italian cheese and meat platter to share with your friend? Tagliere is an appetiser that uses different ingredients to create a heavenly dish. Flavours will start bursting inside your mouth as soon as you start digging on your food platter.

Salami, Finnochiona, Florentine salami and pecorino cheese is used to create this summer meat and cheese platter. And if you are going for the bigger platters, then feel blessed as Tuscan bread that is finely sliced, grilled vegetables and honey or marmalade will satisfy your appetite.

Tagliere is such a popular dish that it is available everywhere in Florence especially during the summers.



Your visit to Florence will be disappointing if you forget to try these delicacies. Though there are many exquisite food items in Florence, these five delicacies must be a part of your culinary journey. Enjoy relishing on lovely food!