Majestic Place of Florence

Florence is one of the financial hubs in Italy. It is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany area. Florence is known worldwide for its Renaissance art and beautiful architecture. The Architectural Excellency adorning Florence is evident from museums to churches to palaces.

Popular tourist places include the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Bargello, the Uffizi, and the Accademia. Wandering around streets is the best way to experience the culture and the aura of old Florence. The new and more developed area in Florence is called Oltrarno. 

Festivals and Celebration

A getaway in the month of September in Florence will greet you with events all over the city. September magnifies the beauty of the town to its peak. Mild chill in the air, the harvest of grapes and the inquisitiveness of locals as well as tourists for the festivities marks in onset of September. Everyone is ready to celebrate and welcome this season and the fertility of the land.

The traditional cuisine is available in the city at this time. It exhibits the flavor of Florence. In the month of September, Vineyards become much more active, and all the wine lovers can enjoy wine tasting and the magic of breweries.

Rificolona Feast will definitely take care of your stomach’s cravings and will take you into bliss. The Florentine paper lantern parade will also catch the fancy of many who wants to see old folk with the blend of modern styles which is a feast for the eyes.

Florence events

First Sunday of every month is celebrated with free entrance to the major museums of Florence. One can have a look at the history and strong culture of the place. Florence festivals are one of the main attraction which makes the place so popular among people around the globe.

Sorsi di Musica

September 8 is the day when the cathedral building in Florence is celebrated on the occasion of its birthday every year since 1296. Sorsi di Musica is the name of the piano concert which takes place in a historic villa which in itself is a major attraction.

Introduction of opera

To all the people who didn’t know, the first opera ever performed was here in the Florence. For all the people who are cultural magnets must visit this opera which guarantees to be the finest and most highly sought after, one can see anywhere in the world.

Sagra Del Tartufo

Food lovers can experience a piece of heaven in the truffle festival which makes your mouth water. It is known as Sagra Del Tartufo. The truffle comes in two colors black and white. Taste and smell are strong to the senses which make it in the love it or hate it category.

Jokers in circus

Cirkfantastic is a circus which takes place here with only human performers without the use and suffering of any animals which evangelizes a very positive message around the world. It is full of fun activities which include magic tricks, juggling, acrobatics, rope walkers and much more.

Fierucola del pane

Italian bread is known for its texture, composure and elegant taste. Fierucola del pane is a bread festival which showcases the finest Tuscan bread. You can taste them while pouring lots of olive oil on ‘em in this festival.

September is the month when Florence is in its full colors. So don’t wait to plan your trip to Florence this September.