October in Florence: Events and Exhibits This October

Florence city offers a wide range of stimulating events and unforgettable adventures. What with new concerts, food festivals, and exhibitions; there is no shortage of things to do in this beautiful city. Here are the activities that are scheduled to take place this October.


Pink Floyd Toscana Day- 1st October 2017

This is a charity concert organized by Pink Floyd Fans Club Toscana. The concert will take place at Teatro di Cestello on 1st October 2017, from 4:30 – 11:30 pm. The concert will feature two famous bands: the Pink Noise and the Breathe Floyd group.  Tickets will cost you 25euros and you need to book before September 24th, 2017. The booking email is pinkfloydtoscana@gmail.com and event contact is Tel. 3663651072

Mercato Aprilante- Every 1st Sunday of the Month

If you love shopping in open air market, then the Aprilante Market is for you.  The market always takes place every first Sunday of the month, in Chianti. The event offers a wide array of artifacts, antiques, local food, clothing and much more. Keeping in mind that there will be over 100 tables and many shops, you will most definitely be spoilt for choice.

Mercato Aprilante


I’ Pagliaio- Every 4th Sunday of October

Imagine a market filled with local farm produce, music and opportunities for food testing.  This happens at Greve in Chianti, every 4th Sunday of October. This Artisan and Organic market offers great bargains and also opportunities to sample local dishes.


Santa Reparata- Oct 8th

This event celebrates a Roman saint, Santa Reparata, who interceded in the battle that established Christianity in Florence.  It is characterized by the procession in the medieval dress from Piazza di Parte Guelfa to the tomb of Santa Reparata at the Cathedral.  The celebration will take place in the city center, from 3:45 pm.

Santa Reparata

Collezionisti in Piazza – October 8th

Envision a walk through Scarperia town, sampling an extensive variety of vintages, clothing, antiques and much more. You can do this from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.


Festa San Luca – 12th -19th October

This is the oldest fair in Europe that has characterized the life of people in Impruneta.  It is held yearly, in commemoration of Impruneta’s benefactor Saint Luke. The fair has tractor transactions, rides, sporting and cultural events and also exhibitions. The highlight of the fair is the spectacular fireworks extravaganza.

Fiera di San Luca

Mercati in Musica- October 15th

If you are a music lover then you will love Mercati in Musica. The concert is held in months of September and October at the city center. This event makes the historical markets of the city more interesting during the night, by offering a wide array of cultural activities.

Mercati in musica

Boccaccesca food and Wine Festival- 6th – 8th October

Happening in Certaldo, this is one of the most interesting food festivals in Florence. You can engage your taste buds by tasting local food and wine. There are also culinary initiatives, workshops, and other cultural activities. This traditional festival was named after a famous poet.

Boccaccesca food and Wine Festival

As you have seen, Florence is truly a city on the move.