Florence is a city of many wonders and if you are planning on visiting the city, then you must know few simple things about it. Using the public transport is the best way to get around the city. The city buses that are run by Linea and ATAF are quite comfortable and cheap when it comes to touring the city. You can easily buy the tickets from authorised sellers as well as the ATAF booths near the SMN station.

You can take the buses to get around the city and visit its wonders. Moreover, there are buses too to visit places outside the city. Get your ticket and hop on the buses to have a unique experience. Why is it a unique experience? You may have used the public transport your whole life and the experience might not have been so fruitful. But that will completely change when you are in Florence. As stated earlier, buses are quite comfortable and friendly. Plus, there are almost no congestions in the roads thus you will be able to get around without being stuck in disgusting traffic jams. You can easily get an ordinary one time 90-minute ride ticket or multiple 90-minute ride ticket from the authorised sellers to enjoy your tour at fullest.

Get your ticket before getting on the bus:

Florentine public transport or bus drivers are very friendly and they do not usually check the tickets of the passengers. But that does not mean you can abuse the system. In Florence, they still believe in the “honour” system and expect the passengers to get their tickets before boarding the bus. So, you must get your ticket before riding the bus since you do not want to hurt the feeling of the Florentines.

However, there are controllers who get up on the bus at different stops to check the tickets of the passengers as the number of people abusing the system is rising with every passing day. If you get caught without a ticket, then you will have to pay heavy fines since the tickets do not cost much. A 90-minute ride costs only 120 Euro whereas four 90-minute ride tickets cost just 470 Euro. No matter what, you save a lot by travelling on the public transport in Florence.

There is also another reason for getting your tickets before boarding the bus. Apart from the authorised sale points and ATAF booths, the drivers also sell tickets. But they generally cost more than the booth tickets. Moreover, the drivers run out of tickets real soon; so it is always better to get your ticket before boarding the bus to avoid any trouble. Get your ticket; hop on the bus and have a nice tour without any hassle.

bus services in Florence


Few tips on riding the buses in Florence:

The public transports or buses in Florence are unique as they come with three doors. The doors are automatic and they open at the stops to welcome or bid farewell to the passengers. Near every door, there is a ticket validation machine. So, once you get on the bus; find your nearest ticket validation machine to validate your ticket. Put your bus ticket in the machine and it will print the date, as well as, start time on the ticket thereby validate it.

Each ride is 90 minutes; thus you can easily get on and off different buses without worrying about having to buy a new ticket. Last but not the least; you can also use your Firenze card to travel in the ATAF buses. The firenze cards are used to get in the museums but they also come with unlimited bus travel for 72 hours.

Florence is one of the friendliest cities in the world.
Thus, the public transport system in this city is something worth cherishing.

What are you waiting for? Get your bus ticket now and see the city from every angle possible.

Bus services in Florence