Florence is full of surprises! With a myriad of historical monuments, popular sights and a long list of things to do, people often forget the little yet important things that Florence offers its visitors. The city is not just about the historical monuments and places; it has something exciting waiting for people to explore at every corner.

Being the birthplace of Renaissance and the heart of the medieval era, the treasures and trinkets that can be found in the vintage outdoor markets of Florence are truly priceless.

Exploring these markets is an adventure on its own and you will discover new things at every moment as you ponder through these markets that have been greeting the visitors for centuries. These Florence markets are not just meant to be explored to get the historical vibes. These markets also offer you with the best products of Tuscany region like wines, fresh veggies and leather goods.
Since these Florence markets are really great attractions for the tourists, let us enlighten you about the markets that you definitely need to visit in your trip to Florence. Have a look…

Mercato Nuovo:

Though this Florence market is a newer version of the original San Lorenzo leather market, the leather products that you will get here are really exquisite. The market is decorated with medieval arches which spin the dial of time backwards and takes you back to the medieval age. You will also be able to find the bronze statue of a wild boar while roaming in between the shops. The local legend says that rubbing the nose of the boar and making a wish while putting a coin through its mouth always brings good luck. So, you can take home some good fortune from Mercato Nuovo too.

San Lorenzo Markets:

The San Lorenzo markets are generally separated into two different parts. There is an indoor two-storey food market which fulfils your culinary cravings known as the Central Market. There you will be able to find freshly harvested vegetables, prosciutto of wild boar as well as a goose for preparing the perfect ragu and several other culinary delicacies which will make your mouth to water.

And, then there is the outdoor market of San Lorenzo full of shops selling a plethora of goods. This outdoor Florence market is the original leather market in Florence and it is not impossible to get lost in the maze that these shops have created. Here, you will be able to find some really good leather products. So, keep your eyes open and watch out for the best products to buy.

san lorenzo market

Sant’Ambrogio market:

Much like the central market of San Lorenzo, this one is located on the other side of the town. Though this market is visited by locals mainly than tourists, it is the perfect place to get the taste of that exotic Florentine life. With colourful shops outside selling colourful vegetables and other delicacies, stroll through the market to get all things to satiate your taste buds. Get mixed with the locals buying household items, cheese, artichokes, clothing, plants or something else to get the vibes of a Florentine life.

Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio

Florence Antiques Market:

This market is not very far from the Sant’Ambrogio neighbourhood; so you can actually kill two birds with a single stone. Stroll around the curio shops in the markets to see the valuable treasures that collectors have put on display. It is a place where you will get real antiques at competent prices to add up to your collection. If you really have a passion for collecting pieces from history, then this antique Florence market is just the place you need to visit.
The city of Florence is full of adventures and mysteries. And you will be able to witness it all as you stroll through its vintage markets. Get the explorer out from within you and explore the Florence markets to satiate your adventurous nature.