The month of November is always special in Florence. It is that time of the years when several events and exhibits occur in the city. Though November marks the beginning of winter, still there is too much happening across the city in theatres, museums as well as in the culinary front. When the vegetation slumbers with the arrival of winter, Florentines keep themselves busy in harvesting new olives and checking out the newest fashion trends. Happy hour buffets or appericena is held in its picturesque streets; something which you cannot afford to miss. Plus, there are cultural events, grand ceremonies and several other programs to keep you entertained. So, if you are in Florence in November, then you should definitely check these best events and exhibits out.

Wondering what events will be worthy enough to attend? Well, here is a list of some of the best events and exhibits in November happening in Florence.

PicEvents and exhibits in November

Modaprima 81 Fashion Exhibit at Leopolda Station, Florence

Fashion is a form that has a special place in the hearts of the Italians. And is it not one of the best events and exhibits? The Florentines are especially fashion-savvy as they have given birth to popular fashion brands like Gucci, Gherardini and many more. So, there is no doubt that fashion exhibits are of great interest for the people living here.

From 18th to 20th November, Modaprima 81 will showcase their fashion and accessories collection to the public at the iconic Leopolda station in Florence. If you are someone with a taste for fashion, then you can obviously attend this exhibit to witness the trendiest stuff from Modaprima 81.

Modaprima 81- le immagini del salone



Sant’Apollonia Last Supper exhibition for the public:

Andera del Castagno’s Last Supper is a true artistic masterpiece of the Renaissance period.
And it definitely secures a spot in the best events and exhibits in November. It is a painting that was made in the early 15th century and it is something that mesmerises the people.

The painting has been preserved for centuries in the ex-monastery of Sant’Apollonia. Now, it will be opened for the public to witness this masterpiece on every Wednesday within 3 PM to 5 PM from this upcoming November but for a limited period of time. So, if you are visiting Florence in November and you have a true passion for art, then do not miss the chance to witness one of the greatest paintings ever made.

santapollonia last

Food and Wine in Progress- A special event at Leopolda Station:

It is surely one of the fun and best events and exhibits of the Florence. This is an event completely dedicated to the chefs and cooks to showcase their specialities to the people.

The event will be held at Leopolda station in Florence, Italy. You will have the chance to taste the best culinary delicacies from the top chefs of the region and if you love cooking, then there will be special workshops too. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to taste the finest Tuscany wines if you attend. So, mark 27th and 28th November in your calendar to attend this gastronomy event.


Music Dei Popoli:

Music has always been an important part of the Tuscany culture. Thus, it is impossible to think that November will pass by without any musical events. There are two musical events happening in Florence on two different dates.

On 5th November, an Italian cultural organisation will breathe life into a unique cultural program with music, theatre and dance show being its major attractions. While on November 11, a balcanic music group will charge the crowd with their frenzy and electrifying tunes.
Thus, if you are a fan of world music, then you just cannot ignore this event happening at Auditorium Flog in Florence.

Though there are several other events and exhibits happening in Florence in November, the ones mentioned above are especially noteworthy. Florence has always been a centre for culture in Italy and these special events are a testament to that fact. If you are in Florence, then do not forget to attend these best events and exhibits.

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