Craft exhibition “Mostra dell’artigianato” in Florence Leopolda

Mostra dell’artigianato is an event that is held annually in Florence, Italy. It’s more like a Florence craft exhibition whereby craftsmen get to show their skills and how they have fused tradition with art. Here you get to enjoy the fine art that is offered by these craftsmen from Italy. Additionally, this craft exhibition lasts for about 10 days, giving you the much needed time to do research and observe what you like. It also adds a good taste to the city of Florence making it more attractive.

In 2018, Craft Exhibition “Mostra Dell Artigianato” was held from the 21st of April to 1st May. Fortiza de Basso was the venue. This was a fort in the 14th century, but it is currently used to house big conferences and important exhibitions such as the “Mostra Dell’ Artigianato.” Coincidentally, the craft exhibition was held in 2018 was the first ever certified handicrafts fair in Italy. It was known as the 82nd Art International Handicrafts Trade Fair, and many people traveled from different places just to be a part of this fair. The brighter side is, the exhibition featured many artists from different parts of the world. Over 50 countries with various artists and traditions participated in the exhibition.

International artists were there, bringing about a blend of different traditions and broadening the gap of art to increase diversification. Some of the niches which were keenly exhibited were Italian handmade clothes, interior design, and handmade crafting. The aim of these niches was to instill the sense making the interior of a home look more appealing maybe through lighting and decoration. Coincidentally, Italy happens to be the birthplace to the sweetest and most appealing light sources which were displayed in the exhibition.


Food is another reason why shouldn’t have missed this exhibition. Sometimes just going through and eating the same meals over and over makes you just lose appetite. This exhibition excited many with meals from different cultures. Cooking is an art which should be highly appreciated. There were some excellent and smooth Italian wines, which were liked by the wine lovers. Any type of wine that you can think about was there for the small percentage of people, who wish to sip on wine to enjoy.

The younger generation, who we believe will lead us into the future, was given a unique chance to show their skills. Through this act, some special kind of art was seen, it is good to have hope that the present artists can do a satisfying job. Different materials were used to develop the artifacts, there was no limitation, and this led to a show of high level of creativity and passion.

Anyway, if you are into art and things that fascinate you, Florence in Italy, should be one destination that you must  visit. So, put it on your bucket list. The craft exhibition is held there annually, and it would be near impossible to miss one or two things that get your attention in a good way.

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