Marked as the birthplace of Renaissance Florence is the capital city of Tuscany of the Italian region. Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has been ranked the same by Forbes.

Once upon a time, it was the hub for trading and all the financial transactions that were supposed to happen. Florence was one of the richest cities and was financially well- equipped. It was popularly known as “the Athens of the middle ages”.

Florence was also made the capital of the then “Kingdom of Italy “during the period of 1865- 1871. The city of Florence is greatly known for its high cultural and historical values. The city drags in a million tourists every year.

The best of the history is that The “Historic Centre of Florence” was declared as a “World Heritage Site “by UNESCO. Despite Latin being the main language, Florentine (or) Tuscan Language is spoken by the residents of Florence and the neighboring cities. It is almost near to the standard Italian language.

Like many other Italian cities, Florence is a city of churches as well. The churches in Italy are classified on the basis of their location, either North of the River Arno or South of the River Arno. The following are a few famous churches in Italy.

San Miniato:

Located in Centro Storico, Basilica di San Miniato al Monte, the church of San Miniato, was started in the 11th century after the baptistery. The church, San Miniato is the best example of the Roman Florentine, style. Already existing during Carlomagno’s reign, it was built by Bishop Ildebrando after and was completed only after two years of its start.

Abside San Miniato


The church steeple came down in 1499 and was rebuilt later on.

Santa Croce:

Based in the area of Centro Storico, Piazza di Santa Croce is one of the best churches you can ever be. The building of the church started was started way back in 1443 under the supervision of Eugenio IV and later continued in 1924 according to Arnolfo di Cambio’s project. The Church was gradually enriched by donations from the rich and that is where it got its funds.

Chiesa di Santa Croce a Firenze


Santa Trinita:

Situated in the area of Centro Storico, Via del Parione was founded in the eleventh century and was almost totally remodeled in the sixteenth century. In spite of the late Renaissance facade by the city of Florence, the church of Santa Trinita is one of the most beautiful outcomes of Florentine gothic style.

Chiesa di Santa Trinita, ingresso dalla piazza


Santa Maria Novella:

Piazza di Santa Maria Novella is located in Centro Storico was started in the centuary of 12 and was remodelled in the Gothic-Romanesque style by the end of 13th century. The beautiful green and white marble façade were completed by Alberti. The church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence was the center of the Dominican order. The uniqueness of the church is that it has a Roman-style outside and gothic style inside.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Novella