Looking for the ideal destination for further studies? Florence is the ideal place for further studies. It is the capital metropolis of Tuscany region in Italy. Millions of students come to Florence to study from different parts of the world. It has become the favourite destination for students, who wish to complete their studies. Here is a post which will help you to understand the benefits of studying in Florence, Italy.

We have listed the 5 Good Reasons to Study in Florence that not everyone knows! After reading this, you may change your mind and fly to Italy to complete your education.

Here are the 5 Good Reasons to Study in Florence that not everyone knows of –

#1 Rich History

Florence is named as the, ‘Cradle of Renaissance’. The men, who made the Renaissance, either grew up in Florence or were raised here. Did you know that it is also one of the first global metropolises in Europe? The credit goes to the banking system which was established in Florence in the 14th century.

The opening of banks attracted people from different parts of the world.
The historical centre of Florence is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you walk through the streets, you would feel that you are walking inside a museum. When we talk about Florence, we are talking about visible history!

#2 Great Connectivity

Florence is close to all the main cities. Students would be happy to spend their holidays in the nearby cities.

There are fast trains which connect you to all the beautiful Italian cities such as Milan, Vienna, and Venice. Students can take a break from studies and visit the cities during the weekend.

#3 Multicultural communities

Students must opt for a destination where there are multicultural communities. In order to adjust in a new setting or culture becomes a difficult task. In Florence, there are students from different parts of the world.

Everyone is free to practice their religion, beliefs and traditional customs. Did you know that the Duke of Tuscany eradicated punishment or any type of harsh treatment towards homosexuals?

Students can enjoy complete freedom in Florence. The city respects the sentiments of different religious groups and the LGBTQ community.

#4 Wine and Dine

When you are in Florence, you would enjoy the wines and scrumptious food. When someone hears the word, ‘Italy’, they think about food, wine, art, and the rich history. Students would find authentic Italian cuisine in Florence and Tuscany.

There are many vineyards where students can spend their Sunday. A wine-tasting session could be the perfect idea for a happy Sunday! Try the hand-tossed pizzas, multiple varieties of cheese and the lovely wine. The pizzas that you get in different countries are not authentic. Try the best pizzas, cheese, and pastas in Florence!

Esempio di vini italiani

#5 The Birth of Italian Language

Italian is a romantic language! In the 14th century, the Tuscan dialect started dominating. Tuscany became a centre for commerce and it attracted people from different parts of the world. Florence is the city where the birth of Italian language took place. Those who are aspiring to learn Italian must study the language in Florence. You must know that the language has a standard literary form. It is based on the dialect of Florence.

If you wish to travel to Italy to study about the language or earn a degree in the language then Florence is the best place. Students would be able to converse with the locals and participate in extra-curricular activities. This is your chance to hone your language skills! If you are in Italy to study the language, it is best to live among the locals and understand the culture and the everyday language that the people use.

These are the top 5 reasons to choose Florence as the destination for further studies! It has a rich history and it is visible while you are walking on the streets. The cuisine is authentic and there is scope of travelling to different European cities via the fast trains! How does it sound? It sounds like a fantastic idea! Opt for Florence as the destination for further studies. You would not be disappointed with your choice because Florence has a lot to offer!

Panorama di Firenze con Ponte Vecchio