If you think that Florence is all about Renaissance art and medieval history then you are wrong. Street art in Florence is the latest trend and it is rapidly taking over the city.  For centuries people across the globe have gathered in the Tuscan capital to admire the beauty of the Renaissance art and the monuments that have stand tall against the wrath of time. But the Florentine art has not become a relic of the past. It is still flourishing. Artists with new ideas are creating masterpieces but not in a claustrophobic environment rather they are painting the streets; decorating the city walls with exceptional and providing chance to the people across the world to witness the glory of Florentine art.

Are you a patron of art and interested in witnessing this grand artistic exhilaration that is going through the streets of Florence? Then here are few works that you need to look out for…


Clet Abraham is the flag bearer of the street art in Florence. He is the man who started this incredible initiative of breathing new life to this historically rich city through art. Art is not limited within the walls, art is like nature itself and it can breathe life to even the dullest places. Clet is the man who has been changing the street signs with the removable stickers to give the city a new lively look.

It is his hard work and passion for art that the shabby end signs at the dark corner of the alley have turned into a crucified Jesus or Pac man and replaced the ‘no-go’ street sign. He is the one who is changing the face of this city; a new protagonist who is bringing the lively Florence out of its old tattered skin. You can also visit Clet’s studio in San Niccolo and get street signs and paints to be a part of his initiative to take the street art in Florence to all new level.


Finestra Con Vista:

Another great project aimed at refurbishing this old city, this is the only description that can be given about this project. It was the collaboration of dreams, passions and love for the art of 31 artists which set about 40+ different masterpieces across the city on a September night. It was the initiative of a French artist Yan Blusseau to provide new look to the doors and windows of the city and this street art in Florence is a masterpiece.

Finestra con vista


He is just another talented artist with a funny side dedicated to making the street art in Florence really great. It is hard enough to visit Florence without noticing the works of Exit/Enter.

The funny portrayals of little men in the art of Exit/Enter have the power to even change the ugliest walls into a gorgeous attraction. According to the artist behind this funny name, art is a part of him just like the city. And he is trying his best to prevent the city from sinking into the bottomless ocean of monotony by adding colours to its streets and walls.

Florence has been always the centre of art in Italy. But the Florentine art had become a cherished memory; something that only existed in the pages of history books.
These young artists with their rebellious ideas of art are helping Florentine art to reborn and they are working hard to restore it to its former glory.
So, gratify your eyes by admiring these artworks that are scattered across the city. Maybe it is an unusual tour but art knows no boundaries. Cherish street art in Florence as well as the artists and be a part of the Florentine glory.

exit and enter