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Italian Language

Our school is unique in Florence in that, in collaboration with other Italian educational institutions, we prepare Italian students for the Diploma di Stato Italiano. Consequently, the language learning experience of our foreign students greatly benefits by direct interaction with Italian students. In fact, the courses are designed to contain classes that incorporate both foreign and Italian students.

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In-depth Italian (Group + Individual)

Italian Language

Italian for Groups

Italian Language

Italian for managers

Italian Language

Annual Italian for Groups

Italian Language

Individual Italian

Italian Language

Italian for Adult Groups

Italian Language


Additional Courses

Florence School of Music

Additional Courses

Studio Art

Additional Courses


Additional Courses

Cooking – Wine Tasting

Additional Courses

Art and Culture

Additional Courses

Additional Courses

Each student can adapt his/her studies to individual needs. Students simply decide which Additional Course they want to take and then add it to one of the following Italian language courses: semi-intensive, classico and super-intensive. It is possible to choose from: Music, Singing, Sculpture, The Figure, Painting, Fashion, Art and Culture, Computer, Cooking, Wine tasting.

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Italian Secondary
School Education

The qualifications of Licenza Media and Diploma di Stato obtained by our students are recognized by the Ministry of Public Education (MIUR) and have legal validity in Italy and abroad (equivalencies may vary outside Italy). The Diploma di Stato allows access to enrolment in any University faculty: Medicine, Fine Arts, Engineering, Architecture, Literature, Foreign Language or whenever courses require it as a prerequisite.

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Scuola Media (lower level secondary school)

Italian Secondary School Education

Diploma di Stato (higher level secondary school)

Italian Secondary School Education

Diploma di Stato (Super-abbreviated)

Italian Secondary School Education

Diploma di Stato (Abbreviated)

Italian Secondary School Education
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Spreading Italian language and culture worldwide is the role we have chosen to play every day with consistency and coherence, and we consider ourselves forerunners in forming the language and outlook of new generations. Our commitment, our task, is based on the verb “to do.”
We do our best to “offer” the most, with an eye on the horizon. We want to be “useful” to those young adults who will responsibly and tenaciously bear forth knowledge and set the rhythm of future society.
Every day, for many years, we who are involved in school and education, have been walking alongside students, aware of how fortunate we are to be protagonists in this great process, watching lives change and evolve.

Director: Michele dott. Russi

The ISTITUTO ITALIANO®, founded in 1959, is located in the heart of Florence’s historical centre, between the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio, in a Renaissance palace overlooking the Loggia del Porcellino. Over the years its prestige, competence, and professionalism have made the ISTITUTO ITALIANO®, a reference for foreigners who wish to learn Italian and study the culture, art, cooking, music and crafts of Italy.
The ISTITUTO ITALIANO®, working together with the Tuscan Region, public authorities and foreign companies has finetuned its educational capabilities taking students of Italian to higher levels of learning. Guided tours, students’ interaction with Italian life, and thoughtful, enthusiastic dedication to teaching make our school a leader in the field of language and education.