Курсы языка и культуры

Course Description

The language and culture course offers a comprehensive overview of Italian culture.

In addition to the 4 group lessons in the morning included in the standard course, the Language and Culture course includes 1 individual Italian art and culture lesson each day.

Students will focus on Italian grammar during morning classes and then dedicate themselves to Italian culture, art, and traditions during the afternoon.

The course is dedicated to students who want to deepen their understanding of all the typical aspects of Italian culture and Florentine art, in order to better comprehend their uses and customs.

The cost of the course includes all of the extra-curricular activities which take place in the afternoon: walks with a tutor around the city of Florence, conferences, visiting churches, museums, workshops, and screenings of Italian films.

Further events and activities are also scheduled on the weekends: visits and guided tours in other cities (such as Siena, Pisa, Venice, and Rome), cooking classes and more. These are Istituto Italiano’s characteristic features that make our students’ stay in Florence and at our school more fun and enjoyable.

Students will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

At the end of each level, students can sit an exam to attest their knowledge of the Italian language. Certifications are recognised throughout the world: CELI*, CILS* and CERT.IT*.

The course includes

  • Teaching materials: textbooks, notebook, enrollment certificate
  • IT Card (discount card for restaurants, discos, and pubs)
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Wi-Fi available throughout the Institute
  • CEFR Italian Language Certificate

Italian Language Certification

CELI, CILS, and CERT.IT are the Italian language certifications that are recognised all over the world, certifying the Italian language knowledge of a non-native speaker.

In particular, the CELI, CILS, and CERT.IT certifications reveal the degree of linguistic-communicative knowledge and the ability to use the Italian language.

For any students who wish to obtain a CELI, CILS or CERT.IT certificate, we recommend registering for the combined Italian courses «A» and «B».

These Italian language courses allow students to take CELI, CILS, and CERT.IT practice exams and tests during the afternoon classes. IT.

These certifications adopt the system of 6 levels of competence, proposed by the CCER — European Common Chart of the Council of Europe.

These certificates are recognised by both employment and academic fields.




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Курсы языка и культуры


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