Cours supplémentaires

Additional Courses are organized in weekly modules: students who want to expand their knowledge at the end of the course can enroll in another weekly module.

To meet the many demands and at the same time provide highly training courses. ISTITUTO ITALIANO® also uses support and partnerships outside its own structures, and by virtue of these objectives the same courses can be held in structures other than those of ‘Institute.

Marco Polo - Turandot


Faciliter l’inscription des étudiants chinois aux universités, conservatoires de musique et académies en Italie..


Certification CELI

Istituto Italiano e Università per Stranieri di Perugia: Certificazione CELI

CELI est la Certification de la connaissance de la langue italienne reconnue dans le monde entier qui atteste la connaissance de la langue italienne d’un sujet non locuteur natif.


Certification CERT.IT

Istituto Italiano et Università degli Studi Roma Tre est la Certification qui atteste la connaisance la langue italienne, reconnue par les Ministères Affari Esteri, dell’Istruzione Università e Ricerca, d’un sujet non locuteur natif.


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