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10 reasons to visit Tuscany In winter

Grab the moment to discover am amazing landscape sure to become a memorable pie of your life.

Love to tour in winter? There is no better ‘winter’ destination than Tuscany to explore an unforgettable landscape you will never forget. Of course, it’s chilling, and can give you goose bumps, but not as icy-cold as other European cities. Unlike other tourist destinations in winter, all you can experience in Tuscany is various kinds of hues, fewer people, and amazingly unforgettable signature places that will never fail to leave you baffled.

The best way to discover the city is by renting a car and getting strayed in the narrow streets of the city. Well, if you get wet in rainfall. You don’t have to worry about it. You can take help of thermal baths placed randomly in different spots for people in the heart of city. Or you can stop by any winery to taste your favorite red wine, prosciutto and oils, and drive to the coast to feel the roaring sea, as if it has been calling you since your existence.

Is there any better time and place to treat your taste buds with red wine than when it is chilling, and you are indoors seated warm doing nothing?…Tuscany is simply one of the most beautiful ‘winter’ destinations to visit during winter. (more…)


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